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Uniview XVR301-04F 04 Channel 1 SATA XVR

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Key Features

Uniview 4 Channel 1 SATA XVR

  • Model: XVR301-04F
  • Channel: 4-Channel
  • Compatible: Up to 6TB for each HDD
  • Output: HDMI PORT & VGA PORT
  • Input: RJ45 1x, USB2.0 2x
  • Outgoing Bandwidth: 48Mbps

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Uniview 4 Channel 1 SATA XVR

IP Camera Input 2-ch(only IP up to 6ch), each channel up to 6MP
Interface 1x HDMI, 1x VGA
Resolution 1080P Lite/720P/D1
Decoding Capacity Analog:4 x 1080P Lite@25, 4 x 720P@30

IP: 1 x 6MP@20, 2 x 1080P@30

Resolution Main Stream: 1080P Lite

Main stream: 720P

Record Rate Main Stream: 1080P Lite@25fps

Sub stream: D1@25fps

Main stream: 720P@30fps

Sub stream:D1@30fp

Bit Rate Audio Sample Rate: 8KHz,16 bit per channel

Audio Bit Rate: 64Kbps per channel

Backup Mode USB
Interface 1x RJ45, 2x USB2.0
eSATA Up to 6TB for each HDD
USB 2x USB2.0
Power Supply DC12V/2A
Power Consumption ≤ 10 W( without HDD )
Dimensions 190mm × 202mm × 42mm (7.5″ × 7.9″ × 1.6″)
Gross Weight ≤0.6 Kg ( 1.32lb )
Warranty 1 Year

The Uniview XVR301-04F is a digital video recorder specifically built for surveillance setups. Below are the key specifications for this particular model:

  1. Channels: It can accommodate up to 4 channels, enabling simultaneous connection and recording from 4 surveillance cameras.

  2. Compression: This model likely supports a range of compression formats such as H.264 and H.265, ensuring efficient compression of video data to conserve storage space while maintaining quality.

  3. Resolution: It is capable of recording video at various resolutions, encompassing standard definition (SD), high definition (HD), and potentially ultra-high definition (UHD) or 4K.

  4. Storage: It supports internal storage options like hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) for storing recorded footage, and may also feature provisions for external storage expansion.

  5. Video Outputs: Offers various video output choices for connecting to monitors or other display devices, such as HDMI and VGA ports.

  6. Network Connectivity: Features Ethernet ports for linking to local networks, enabling remote access and control of the recorder over the internet.

  7. Mobile Access: Compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, allowing users to remotely view live or recorded footage through dedicated mobile apps.

  8. Operating System: Operates on a proprietary operating system optimized for surveillance tasks, ensuring stability and reliability.

  9. Audio: May include support for audio recording alongside video, enabling users to capture audio from connected microphones or audio-enabled cameras.

  10. Alarm I/O: Probably contains inputs and outputs for linking external alarm equipment like sensors or sirens, allowing the recorder to initiate actions according to predetermined events.

  11. Power Supply: Operated by a regular electrical socket or via Power over Ethernet (PoE) if appropriate.

Dimensions: Actual measurements of the device, encompassing height, width, and depth, for installation and compatibility assessments.


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