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Panasonic KX-T7705MX LCD Display Caller ID Telephone Set

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Key Features

Panasonic LCD Display Caller ID Telephone Set

  • Model : KX-T7705MX
  • 12-digits LCD Display
  • Redial The last dialed number
  • 5 Levels of LCD contrast adjustable
  • 62 (8-digits) incoming & 16 (8-digits) outgoing call Memories



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The Panasonic KX-T7705MX is a corded telephone set designed for basic home or office use. Here are its specifications: 

  1. Display: The KX-T7705MX features a 16-digit LCD display with a 2-line readout, which shows caller ID information, time and date, and other call-related information. 

  2. Caller ID: The phone supports caller ID function, which displays the caller’s phone number on the LCD screen. 

  3. Memory: The phone has a memory capacity of up to 50 names and numbers, which can be stored in its directory. 

  4. Redial: The phone features a redial function that allows the user to call the last dialed number with a single button press. 

  5. Volume Control: The phone has a volume control feature that allows the user to adjust the handset volume as per their preference. 

  6. Ringer Control: The phone also has a ringer volume control feature that allows the user to adjust the volume of the ringer or turn it off completely. 

  7. Flash Function: The phone has a flash function that allows the user to access some of the phone company’s features, such as call waiting or call transfer. 

  8. Wall Mountable: The KX-T7705MX can be mounted on a wall, saving desk space. 

  9. Dimensions: The phone measures 160 x 190 x 65 mm (H x W x D) and weighs approximately 380g. 

  10. Power Supply: The phone requires AC power supply, and comes with a 2-metre long cord. 

  11. Color: The phone is available in black color.

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