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HDMI Extender Price In Bangladesh For 200 METER KVM

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Key Features

• Support HDMI 1.4/HDCP1.4
• Support local loop-out
• Support 120m long distance transmission
• Low power consumption, low temperature, and high safety
• Both the TX and RX support 3.5MM left and right audio output
• Support IR control
• Support USB mouse and keyboard extension
• Support USB port touch screen function


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HDMI Extender Price In Bangladesh

HDMI Extender Price In Bangladesh for 200 Meter KVM used over Ethernet cable. And it also works USB port for the mouse.

We use this KVM extender for long distances like 1 to 200 meters. It works very properly. there was no longer an HDMI cable in this marketplace, so it’s the proper solution to extend the HDMI cable by cat6/cat5.

This is the best quality product in the market.

We also provide all kinds of HDMI like 120 Meter 4K HDMI KVM, 120 Meter 4K HDMI20 Meter KVM, 30 Meter KVM, etc.


Also, read more regarding HDMI extender to Understand the Difference Between a KVM Switch and Serial Console.


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