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15U Networking Server Rack 600x450mm

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Key Features

15U Networking Sever Rack


Brand : BHADRA

Specifications : 

Rack Size : 600×450

2 Cooling Fan 

1 Tray

1 PDU : 06 Port

Floor Mount

Width  : 600mm ( 23.6 Inch )

Depth  : 450mm ( 17.7 Inch )

Front door construction : Tempered Glass

Front Glass Door

Protection : IP20

Colour   : Black

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15U Networking Server Rack 600×450

Front door construction : Tempered Glass

standard width, Easy mounting installation(patent)

lockable and quick release front door, adjustable mounting depth

Removable side panels, side locks optional.

Floor Mount, Protection : IP20

Place of Origin : China


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